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I provide the best handyman service for the things I do in the whole area. Whether you need an interior painting job, some minor upgrades or even a larger garage shelving installation, I’m here to make your life easier.

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General Services

Being a handyman in New Port Richey, FL, means more than just knowing how to fix stuff, I need to be your extra hands whenever you need them. That means I can do everything on your to-do list and do it right!

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General Property Maintenance

Stop shopping around for property maintenance when I do it better, faster and with more integrity than most of the handymen in town.

You have a choice when it comes to getting the right handyman. So why choose me?

There are lots of handymen out there in Pasco County. Some are good, some… less so. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I know how to tickle my customers pink with the great service I provide. Here are just a couple of reasons why You need to choose Maintenance Medics to be your handyman service in the New Port Richey area.

I make it fast & easy.

You won’t be waiting around forever just to have someone show up late and can’t hang the TV right.

"On my way" text

When I am done with a previous job, a text message will be sent letting you know I will be there soon.

Decades Of Experience & Expertise

I’ve been a lot of things in my life, but I’ve been providing professional handy services for years! I know what I’m doing & I do it right.

Trustworthy & Insured

It seems a lot of folks have let their trustworthiness go recently, but my word is my bond. Plus, I am insured for your safety and protection as well as mine.

Local, Generous Service

The Big Box stores have handy services, but they are generally impersonal, shoddy and encumbered with red tape. Not me. I own the business and want your business again and again.

These are Some of my Handyman Services

Multi-Property Maintenance

Regardless whether it is a large apartment building or a single-home rental, you need a qualified and reliable maintenance man. Me!

Garage Organization

From hanging racks to building entire shelving systems, getting your garage organized and beautiful is a cinch with me.

General Handyman Service

From hanging a new light to fixing a door lock to light drywall repair, I’ve done it all. I am here to give you a hand with anything you need.

Door & Window Installations

Property Maintenance

Interior Painting

Kitchen & Bath Repairs

Cabinet Installs & Repairs

Ceiling Fan Install

TV Mounting

Trim Work

About Maintenance Medics Florida.

After having a couple of poor experiences with handyman services here in New Port Richey, I established Maintenance Medics Florida with the idea that there is a better way to serve people. You need to make them feel good. Be honorable in your contracts. Help out and do the job well regardless if it is a big or small one.

My name is Robert Cobb. I’ve been  in business for over 20 years, much of that time as a handyman. I’ve also done a lot of other types of work around the house and we can talk about itanytime you want. For now, know that I have your best interest in mind when I fix something at your house. I’ll treat you right and make sure you get the absolute best service out of me possible.

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maintenance medics new port richey florida handyman garage shelving install

Maintenance Medics is certified with the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals.

This is a mark of professionalism and achievement. To become associated with this group demonstrates that we are competent, professional and, er, handy!

When you think of “going green” what comes to mind? Is it a bunch of hippies holding hands around a tree? Is it getting a recycling bin and using it? Is it using less-harmful chemicals while cleaning?

For the Maintenance Medics, going green has always meant using better equipment, supplies and methods to fix up your home. Whether it is getting better softwash chemicals to clean your driveway or a low-voc paint for your bathroom. And sometimes it’s the small things, like recycling the package for the screws we bought to hang up your tv with.

Going green means different things to different people and we are here to do our part in taking care of the environment around us. After all, no one likes polluted air, water and trash everywhere and all of us want this place to be just as good for our children and grandchildren as it was for us.

So, we have joined Responsible Partners to show that we are living our pledge to be more responsible for our planet, starting with our business and homes right here in the Tampa area. We won’t pollute the water, air or earth and will take extra pains to clean up after ourselves for these benefits. Will you join us, too?

Some Of My Work

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garage shelving florida before finish
Garage Shelving install  new port richey florida
shower door install handyman  new port richey florida
garage organization install  new port richey florida
shelving installation new port richey fl
handyman florida electrical service

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