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laundry room with painted walls of a blue color

Interior Painting. From “Bleh,” to “Wow!”

The Maintenance Medics have been in the industry for decades and we really know how to get the best look for your project. Interior painting is an art that we are masters in. You need a new look to your place, so let us help you get that new, beautiful look.

When do you need an interior painter?

Most of us want someone else to paint or whatever for us (that’s what Maintenance Medics was made for!) but you may not be sure that is what you need. Here are three ideas that can help you determine if a painter is right for you.

Do you have the knowledge and skill?

Painting, and painting well, is a skill. Although it is simple to learn, some do not have the dexterity, endurance or eye for painting that is critical.

Do you have the time?

Since we made Maintnence Medics, our time is dedicated to all things handyman, including painting. It’s what we do and is a good use of our time. What about your time?

Are there other exigencies?

If you have drywall that needs to be repaired, or want a special something that you don’t want to buy a tool for, or other things like hanging pictures or a tv that go along with your projrct, getting a helping hand is never a bad idea!

laundry room with painted walls of a blue color

What to expect

The Maintenance Medics have been doing handyman projects for a long time. We’ve made it as easy and fast for you to get service as possible. So, this is an overview of what will be done till your project is complete.

Step 1: A Free Quote

Let’s look over your project and get an understanding of the costs associated with it. We’ll give you an estimate of materials, planning time and working time associated with it. Then you can make an informed decision.

Step 2: Expert, Quick Painting Work

We don’t slouch when it comes to work, nor do we do shoddy, incomplete work like so many contractors seem to do. Instead, we work in a fast, dedicated fashion, get the job done and your approval.

Step 3: Relax in a new room!

After the project is complete, you can relax in your newly painted bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or whatever. The room will look new and fresh and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing it is good.

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Interior Painting Reviews

We’ve gathered a bunch of reviews from the internet and placed them here for you to read. We do fine work and our customers appreciate that!

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Get to know the Maintenance Medics Interior Painting for the New Port Richey Area

We provide trusted, high quality painting work (and other handyman work, too). You might have some more questions. We will always answer anything you need on the phone or via email. However, here are a few common questions y’all might have about interior painting or the Maintnenace Medics in general.

What paint do you use?

Typically we use a Sherwinn-Williams paint. However, if another paint is better for you, we are happy to use that. You can even supply your own new paint, though we won’t be able to guarantee it’s durability. We will not use opened or older paint (less that 3 months is OK).

Are the Maintenance Medics local?

For sure! We live here, shop here and serve in the community. We know the whole area from the beaches to Land O’Lakes. We serve that whole area too, since we know there are many folks who need handyman and painting work outside of New Port Richey.

How long have you been in service?

The Maintnenance Medics was started by Rob (pictured below) in 2000. Originally, we were a landscape company, but have moved on to other types of work.

new port richey handyman rob cobb

How are you qualified?

Rob has been a licensed contractor and has over 2 decades of home-services experience. He’s painted hundreds of walls and fixed scores of every type of project. Indeed, he’s refinished whole rooms, remodeled entire baths and more. He is well qualified. Any other Medic that will come do work for Rob will be under his supervision and generally has much experience, too.

Licensed? Insured?

Although the State of Florida does not require a license for any handyman or painting work, Maintenance Medics holds all appropriate licensing needed for any work we will do for you. We also a re licensed by New Port Richey as a matter of course.

We carry insurance to protect you and us against any mishaps, too. Rest easy, you are in good hands with the Maintenance Medics.

How soon can you work?

That depends on the job. Need your whole house painted? we can do it, but might need to move a few things around on the schedule. Just a room? we can likely get to that in the same week you request it. Just call us and we’ll work out the scheduling for painting or whatever other project you need completed.

laundry room with painted walls of a blue color

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A phone call really is the best way to reach us and get any questions answered. We can usually even give you a quote over the phone, so you can make a better, more informed decision.

You may also send a text message to that phone number, though we will likely call you back or answer from a cell phone.

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